We’ve seen financial institutions grow bigger and merge together. We’ve seen regulations become more confusing. We’ve seen Main Street investors become more frustrated at a system that feels rigged to benefit Wall Street. We know you’ve seen this too. Boyd Capital Management was born to provide an answer to this unrest and confusion.

We believe that good financial advice is born out of independent thought with the customer’s interests 100% at heart. We believe that Main Street investors can win by cutting through the complexities to find an investment strategy that serves their goals. We believe in providing elite service but we fight against elitism. We believe everyone should have access to understanding financial fundamentals. At Boyd Capital Management, we believe that no one should be left out of a discussion or service that can benefit their family’s fortunes.

100% independent. 100% motivated to help our clients.

Wall Street pedigree with Main Street mindset: Our leadership team has worked at some of the nations and region’s most venerable financial institutions while we still maintain relationships with top industry experts, Boyd Capital Management was founded on the belief that total independence offers us the full power to be focused on our client’s best interests.

Simplicity beats Complexity every time.   

The financial system doesn’t need to be as complicated as it is – we aim to make it simple: Our clients want to focus their time on their families, careers and passions. They don’t want to follow the nuances of the financial industry, which is set up to be trickier than it needs to be. We cut through the complexities and regulations to give our clients the right advice that makes sense for their needs.

Accessibility over Elitism

We believe in democratizing our knowledge to the communities we serve: We believe in making financial advice available to everyone, regardless if we manage your portfolio or not. We volunteer our time to offer financial literacy knowledge at the youth level so the next generation enters the workplace with knowledge on how to spend and save wisely.  

Elite client service without the elite attitude: Other institutions can size up new customers based on the size of their portfolio. At Boyd Capital Management, we believe that no one should be left out of a discussion or service that can benefit their family’s fortunes. Our customer service approach remains the same across all portfolio sizes and needs.

Boyd Capital Management is based in Rochester, NY and proudly serves the financial planning needs of individuals and families across the country. Get in touch to learn more by calling 585-269-8511 or connect with us through our secured contact page.