With the costs of higher education constantly rising, paired with the uncertainty of which school your child will eventually choose, saving for education can be stressful, to say the very least.  At Boyd Capital Management, we understand how important it is to properly prepare for the day when tuition bills, books and room and board become a very real concern.  Our staff of expert financial planners and savings strategists can help you develop an education savings plan that’s manageable, effective, and perfectly timed for when that day eventually arrives.  

  • Experts in 529 Savings plans for all incomes and backgrounds 
  • A wide array of options for those with limited financial resources
  • Assistance understanding cost, tuition and unexpected expenses
  • How to factor education savings with loans, grants and scholarships
  • Education expense forecasting to prepare for inflation and rising tuition 

Regardless of your age, income or how many children you have, the experts at Boyd Capital Management can help put things in perspective when it comes to saving for their college future.  To learn more about our full offering of education savings plan services, or to schedule a free consultation, get in touch and let us know how we can help.

Boyd Capital Management is located in Rochester, NY and specializes in helping local clients as well as those located throughout the United States.  Give us a call at 585-269-8511 to get started, or write to us in confidence through our website’s secured contact page.

Boyd Capital Management is based in Rochester, NY and proudly serves the financial planning needs of individuals and families across the country. Get in touch to learn more by calling 585-269-8511 or connect with us through our secured contact page.