Taking the proper measures to protect one’s estate is arguably one of the most common mistakes people make when preparing for the future.  It’s a complex process with countless variables to consider, and overlooking even one significant detail can change the outcome for those you love and care about.  At Boyd Capital Management, our team of expert estate planners works closely with each client to ensure that you assets are protected and distributed in exact accordance with your intentions.  

  • Legacy Planning
  • Trust Management       
  • Gift Planning
  • Charitable Giving
  • Asset Distribution

In light of the emotions that embody estate planning, we at Boyd Capital Management are committed to working with compassion and expertise throughout all phases of preparation.  To learn more about the full offering of estate planning services we provide, or to schedule a free consultation online or in-person, get in touch and we’ll do our absolute best to make the process as stress-free and rewarding as possible.

Boyd Capital Management is based in Rochester, NY and serves the estate planning needs of clients locally and throughout the United States.  Get started today by calling us at 585-269-8511 during regular office hours, or write to us day or night by filling out the short contact form on our secured website.      

Boyd Capital Management is based in Rochester, NY and proudly serves the financial planning needs of individuals and families across the country. Get in touch to learn more by calling 585-269-8511 or connect with us through our secured contact page.