Amanda Darling

Director of Client Services

Amanda is a dynamic professional who comes from a close-knit small town, where she cultivated a strong sense of community. Amanda’s academic journey led her to Geneseo, where she pursued political science.

After attending Geneseo, Amanda made the move to Rochester, N.Y. Amanda was introduced to the world of finance when she became the Director of Client Services for Boyd Capital. She excels in fostering strong relationships and providing top-notch service to clients.

Amanda’s professional journey reflects a seamless transition from a small-town upbringing to the leadership role she currently holds, showcasing her dedication to client success through her ability to thrive in diverse professional circumstances.

Outside her professional achievements, Amanda finds joy in her personal life by spending quality time with her fiancé Mark, their dog Oliver, and regularly reconnecting with her family back in her hometown. As a bonus, you might find her enjoying a round of golf, combining her love for the outdoors with a bit of “friendly” competition. The unique blend of professional success and personal fulfillment defines Amanda, showcasing her ability to navigate diverse paths with grace and determination.

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Devon Nolan

Financial Advisor

Devon is a distinguished financial advisor who acquired a foundation in business management and economics from the University of Florida. Devon’s journey in the financial sector has been characterized by progressive leadership roles and a commitment to client success.

Starting as a district manager at a lending institution, Devon’s expertise flourished, leading him to transition seamlessly into the role of wealth management for a financial service firm. His impactful contributions continued as he transitioned to Investment Services with a local bank, where he continued to hone his skills in financial management until joining the Boyd Capital team in 2023.

Currently serving as a financial advisor at Boyd Capital, Devon’s wealth of experience enhances the firm's success. Not only does Devon find fulfillment in taking care of his clients, but also his family. Devon lives in Hilton, N.Y. with his wife, Karen, and their two children, Mackenzie and Mason.

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Colby Khuns

Chief Operating Officer - Financial Advisor

Colby is an experienced financial advisor who brings an exclusive blend of depth and financial insight to the Boyd Capital team. A former Division 1 football player at Fordham University, Colby transitioned seamlessly from the sports arena to the financial arena. With a successful stint as a wholesaler for a prominent investment firm on Wall Street, he developed his expertise in investment strategies and client relations.

When it was time to settle down, Colby retired from Wall Street and moved back to his roots in Rochester, NY. It was here that he later assumed a managerial role at a local bank, where he further solidified his reputation for delivering sound financial advice and fostering strong client relationships. His commitment to excellence and passion for helping others achieve financial success have made him a trusted figure in the financial advisory landscape.

Beyond his professional achievements, Colby finds fulfillment in spending quality time with his wife, Lauren, and their four children, Charlie, Olivia, Tessa, and Ford. Colby has since retired from football. Instead, you can find him most Saturday mornings either on the basketball court or the baseball field coaching his kids. Colby continues to be a sought-after financial advisor, bringing a winning spirit to every aspect of his professional and personal life.

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Joseph Boyd

Managing Partner - Financial Advisor

Joe is a seasoned financial advisor with a unique background. Armed with a degree in Chemistry, he began his career as a QA/QC chemist, ensuring the precision and reliability of chemical processes. His analytical mindset and attention to detail soon led him to transition into the role of a project engineer, where he honed his project management skills.

Recognizing the intricate connections between financial analysis and analytical thinking, Joe pivoted his career to become a financial advisor. Drawing on his scientific background, he brings a methodical and data-driven approach to the “art and science” of financial planning. With a commitment to delivering tailored solutions, Joe leverages his diverse experience to guide clients through the complexities of financial decision-making, while offering a unique perspective and comprehensive financial expertise.

Joe's service extends beyond his clients, and he supports the community through active involvement in various charitable endeavors. He channels his passion for making a positive impact into initiatives that support those most in need and uplifts the next generation through education. Whether volunteering his time or treasure, Joe is dedicated to creating a stronger and more compassionate community.

On the greens, Joe indulges in his love for golf, finding both relaxation and strategic thinking. This recreational pursuit not only serves as a source of personal enjoyment but also reflects his appreciation for continuous improvement and focus, qualities that seamlessly translate into his professional life as a financial advisor.

Outside the world of finance, Joe finds the most joy in his roles as a devoted husband to his wife, Becca, and a loving father to their three children, Aaron, Elodie, and Owen. Family values anchor his life, providing the motivation and balance to best serve his clients.

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